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  • Foreigners Keep Disappearing in Costa Rica
    According to the Missing Americans Project, a nonprofit organization helping to track Americans and other nationals who vanish in Costa Rica and elsewhere, disappearances of foreigners are under-reported and not closely monitored by any organization. “Families of people who go missing outside their country’s borders frequently find themselves alone and struggling”, according to the organization’s […]
  • Immigration Update for Expats and Tourists in Costa Rica: Visa vs Legal Residency
    By Laura Gutierrez of Immigration Help Costa Rica Due to COVID, rules and procedures continue to change and evolve regarding travel and how one remains legally in Costa Rica. For tourists and those of you preparing for or waiting to have your applications for legal residency submitted (by appointment) or for those of you awaiting […]
  • Costa Rican Health Authorities Warn the Worst of the Pandemic is Coming
    Health authorities in Costa Rica warn that the worst moment of the pandemic in the country is expected in the upcoming weeks. Early this week the social security service (CCSS) reported they had over 2,246 patients that required hospitalization due to Covid-19, an increase “never seen before”. In average, 27 people die every day with […]
  • Everything you Need to Know About Buying a car in Costa Rica
    Many foreigners who decide to live in Costa Rica, or come to visit seasonally, find that it is necessary for them to acquire a vehicle to get around. In this way, the high costs of renting a vehicle are avoided, since it is not an occasional visit. However, some have encountered bad experiences when acquiring […]
  • Costa Rican Athletes in Tokyo Olympics
    Costa Rica has 13 athletes representing the country in the Tokyo Olympics 2021: Andrey Amador : Men’s Road Cycling  Maria Jose Vargas: Women’s Road Cycling Brisa Hennessy: Women’s Surf Leilani Mcgonagle: Women’s Surf Carlos Muñoz: Men’s Surf (last minute slot) Ian Sancho: Judo Neshy Lee: Taekwondo (last minute slot) Luciana Alvarado: Gymnastics Andrea Vargas: Athletics […]

Between Nicaragua and Panamá, you will find the beautiful land we call Costa Rica.

The name means ‘Rich Coast’ and fits the description perfectly. Our unique country is the jewel of Central America and a desired place of vacation for almost two million tourists every year.

It’s so easy to find incentives to go on vacation, and Costa Rica has them all: nature, beaches, volcanoes, jungles, wildlife, adventure, relaxation, and enjoyment.

Do you know what’s truly unique about Costa Rica? You can visit it from coast to coast in just a week, or you can easily spend a month here and still discover and enjoy new places! We have alternatives for everybody and every budget.

Geographically speaking, you can roughly divide Costa Rica into three main sections: Pacific, Central Valley, and the Caribbean. Every one of them offers visitors several distinctive motivations to enjoy this marvelous land.

Venture into the Pura Vida style, exploring and discovering one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. Costa Rica awaits you to change your life forever.