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  • Costa Rica Convicts First Female Paid Assassin “La Sicaria”
    She called herself “La Sicaria”, and advertised on social media that she would “kill anyone for c50,000”, or $78.00. This week she was convicted of seducing a man and luring him to his death in San Juan de Dios, Desamparados. Her real name is Carolina del Carmen Requene, a 26-year old single mother of three, […]
  • Why was the Massacre on American Expat Sandusky’s Farm so Brutally Violent
    Six people were murdered on October 17th on the private property of American Stephen Paul Sandusky of Buenos Aires, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. The police arrived at 1AM on October 18th, and have consistently told the press that they are investigating this slaughter as a robbery gone wrong. Was it? Neighbors aren’t so sure. Sandusky was […]
  • Costa Rican Squirrels: They Look Weird
    North Americans come from squirrel country — Canada and USA both have all kinds of squirrels, living in trees and parks everywhere. But Costa Rican squirrels are different. Variegated Squirrels (Sciurus variegatoides) are tree squirrels and are found in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Southern Mexico, Nicaragua and Panama. There are some 15 different […]
  • Is Costa Rica’s Violent Crime Outpacing the OIJ Investigative Police
    The body of American Stephen Paul Sandusky (61) was found on Monday, on his farm Llano Bonito de Buenos Aires, in Puntarenas. His head was missing, his torso and lower body were burned beyond recognition, his arms were still whole. Five Costa Rican citizens were also found dead on the property, three had been shot […]
  • Voluntary Property Limitations can be a Great Tool in Costa Rica
    This article discloses the existence of three very little-used and little-known legal tools, but which can constitute very valuable tools in certain cases, all in order to protect, guarantee rights in favor of third parties and avoid possible garnishments or unwanted transfers, all in relation to real estate property. These tools are called Voluntary Limitations, […]

Between Nicaragua and Panamá, you will find the beautiful land we call Costa Rica.

The name means ‘Rich Coast’ and fits the description perfectly. Our unique country is the jewel of Central America and a desired place of vacation for almost two million tourists every year.

It’s so easy to find incentives to go on vacation, and Costa Rica has them all: nature, beaches, volcanoes, jungles, wildlife, adventure, relaxation, and enjoyment.

Do you know what’s truly unique about Costa Rica? You can visit it from coast to coast in just a week, or you can easily spend a month here and still discover and enjoy new places! We have alternatives for everybody and every budget.

Geographically speaking, you can roughly divide Costa Rica into three main sections: Pacific, Central Valley, and the Caribbean. Every one of them offers visitors several distinctive motivations to enjoy this marvelous land.

Venture into the Pura Vida style, exploring and discovering one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. Costa Rica awaits you to change your life forever.